We want: Nich’ lang schnacken. Anpacken!


An innovative event concept paves the way for projects and partners

Hamburg, June 2018

Nich’ lang schnacken. Anpacken! is an event by the Karin und Walter Blüchert Gedächtnisstiftung, which aims to strengthen direct cooperation between associations, foundations and businesses. A structured day programme awaits the participants as they sail through the area surrounding Hamburg.


On Saturday, 2 June 2018, a special event will take place in Hamburg. Nich’ lang schnacken. Anpacken! The choice of location is not the only extraordinary feature of the event – a sailing trip
on the ’Atlantis’ – but also the (good) intentions behind the project to which the participants are invited. The guests represent institutions with a focus on community service; their specific working methods complement each other. How does it work? One half of the guest list represents associations from Hamburg with different charitable approaches, such as support for children and young people, medical care for people in need, counselling and help for women in stressful or dangerous situations life situations, care and support for the elderly.


Each association brings and introduces its own project or concept on board. The audience and contacts are institutions that support direct charitable work, e.g. foundations and businesses with capacities for non-profit funding. Their representatives fill the other half of the guest list and can find out more about the projects they would like to support on the ‘Atlantis’.


For associations and organisations of direct aid, day-to-day work is particularly difficult when their projects require cross-disciplinary cooperation or support. Planning and implementation of actions and projects often fail or slow down because the red tape exceeds the capacities or because there is no direct line to a foundation as a potential partner. ANPACKEN (GET WORKING) wants to remedy such problems by creating a space for direct and sustainable exchange between all actors in the charitable working landscape. Because through the cooperation of associations and volunteers, foundations and companies with a charitable self-image, the social community in Hamburg can grow even stronger in the future.

’ANPACKEN’ lays the foundation with in-depth conversations and builds partnerships in personal meetings. The former take place in the morning when the guests have breakfast on the ‘Atlantis’ in a relaxed atmosphere and ‘Schnacken’(chat); getting to know one other and the work of the other parties. After further sustenance and a break on shore, the ship sets sail again: During the ‘Anpacken’ in the afternoon, smaller teams are formed among the guests, so that contact persons and similarities in the charitable focus can be found.


These conversations can be moderated on request. This is how Nich’ lang schnacken. Anpacken! assists with current or future charitable projects.


The event is accompanied by a programme that helps the guests to network and creates a pleasant atmosphere. Afterwards, the guests are cordially invited to end the day together and to look at projects, meetings and cooperation in the near future.


With the Nich’ lang schnacken. Anpacken! initiative, the Karin und Walter Blüchert Gedächtnisstiftung would like to help create a network in the charitable working landscape. This approach by the foundation realises an event from a series of its own projects focussing on the direct benefit for socially disadvantaged people. On 20 May 2018, the DOCK2018 – Ein Tag ohne Sorgen (A Day Without Worries) took place in the Hamburg Cruise Center HafenCity, an event that invited people in need to ‘dock’ for a day and leave their worries behind. With about 2,500 guests and diverse support, it became a fantastic Sunday in a big community.


Since its foundation in November 2016, the Karin und Walter Blüchert Gedächtnisstiftung has offered immediate, direct aid and support to individuals, but also assists institutions that provide direct aid. Because everyone matters.




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