No worries today

heute keine sorgen

A complete success! Around 2,500 guests were given a day without worries.

Hamburg, May 2018

Last Sunday, 20 August 2018, the Karin und Walter Blüchert Gedächtnisstiftung held the DOCK2018 – Ein Tag ohne Sorgen (A Day Without Worries) in the Hamburg Cruise Center HafenCity. The day event was aimed at people in difficult or vulnerable situations in life. The guests were given a fun, worry-free Whitsunday.


The DOCK2018 – Ein Tag ohne Sorgen lived up to its name. Around 2,500 guests visited the DOCK2018 and more than one hundred volunteers, supporters and artists joined in. Many people described their plight and their difficult day-to-day lives and yet a well-balanced atmosphere was palpable at the DOCK2018. The guests took it as a protected space in which they were able to communicate their needs and accept help.


Storing luggage away safely first made it easier to explore the 12,000 square metre site and the Cruise Center. A range of basic health care was available for the guests. There were lots of stations around the site where people could try and eat food throughout the entire day. They offered welcome drinks, sweets, salad buffets, fresh fruit and a barbecue tent. The StreetStore experienced a great run. Here, the guests chose clothes, accessories, everyday utensils and care products according to size, type and preference, just like in a shop. The wellness station with hairdresser, cosmetics and massage was also very popular. Medical care was provided by the Johanniter Gesundheitsmobil, the Women’s Health Team and the ArztMobil Hamburg. The on-site showers for personal hygiene and freshening up were extremely popular. The main church of St. Petri Hamburg offered pastoral care, where the guests were able to obtain experienced, trustworthy advice. Many of the guests brought their dogs with them and could have them checked out by a vet and given food, if necessary.


Entertainment and togetherness was the second focus of the DOCK2018. A stage tent for artistic acts was set up in the heart of the event area. Numerous musicians, moderation and a DJ created a lively atmosphere the entire day.

A painting school and graffiti artist gave the guests a chance to live out their creative side. Many took advantage of the 30 m² wooden wall he brought with him and immortalised their names and thoughts. A basketball court was set up as a sports area down by the quay. While the children headed for the bouncy castle, some adults relaxed with waffles and coffee in a deck chair or beach chair by the water.


The day was blessed with bright sunshine, so the Cruise Center was a place for people to cool down. Guests sat together here, chatting or playing card games.


Probably the most exciting station was the so-called Magic Mirror; a mirror in the welcome tent that took selfies and then printed out a souvenir photo. After a soothing shower, a new haircut and fresh clothes, many of the guests were happy to be photographed. Some ladies visited the Beauty Station beforehand. With their own name button, a full film in the disposable camera and a Polaroid photo, they made their way back by shuttle bus.


It wasn’t just the atmosphere and the memorial wall that showed how much the guests enjoyed the DOCK2018 – the feedback they gave to the Karin und Walter Blüchert Gedächtnisstiftung and the supporters was also filled with joy. All participants were able to enjoy a day without worries and take home some wonderful experiences. Many people asked if there would be a DOCK2019. CEO Magdalena Blüchert answered with a twinkle in her eye: ‘Do we have a choice?’


With DOCK2018 – Ein Tag ohne Sorgen, the Karin und Walter Blüchert Gedächtnisstiftung organised an event from a series of its own projects focussing on the direct benefit for socially disadvantaged people. On 2 June, the Nich’ lang schnacken. Anpacken! (Don’t just talk. Start working!) takes place. The event invites representatives of foundations and associations to contribute to a sustainable network of the charitable working world. The participants meet for a sailing trip so that in-depth dialogues and partnerships can evolve.


Since its foundation in November 2016, the Foundation has offered immediate, direct aid and support to individuals, but



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