Open invitation for DOCK2018


A Day Without Worries with the Karin und Walter Blüchert Gedächtnisstiftung

Hamburg, May 2018

20/05/2018, Hamburg The Karin und Walter Blüchert Gedächtnisstiftung invites you to the DOCK2018 – Ein Tag ohne Sorgen (A Day Without Worries): a day event for people in difficult or vulnerable situations in life. On 20 May 2018, the Hamburg Cruise Center HafenCity offers a programme tailored to their needs.


The DOCK2018 is aimed at people who have to start their day with worries. Anyone can quickly get into this situation and suddenly need becomes part of everyday life. It is the task of our community to come together and strengthen those in our midst for whom a difficult everyday life is a reality. These are people who don’t have a roof over their heads, for example. Or people who need help with catering for themselves or a family. They are also people who lack social contact. Because everyone matters, DOCK2018 opens the doors.


And these doors belong to the Hamburg Cruise Center HafenCity: The building and its location are symbols of Hanseatic openness and a hub for encounters. And the motivation for the event behind DOCK2018 is just as important: The guests should arrive and find a place to stay for one day – ‘dock’.

The programme is therefore designed to meet specific needs. The forecourt of the Center will offer material donations and games along with hygiene and care items. Sufficient showers are also available in sanitary facilities that are protected from view. Hanseatic Help e. V. offers assistance to those who lack seasonal clothing. Entertainment and delicious food are also provided. The interior of the Center forms the core meeting place. Here, seating and a large buffet invite you to take part in lively conversations, a good meal or a short break. The water side of the Cruise Center is filled with deckchairs and a view of the Elbe, which creates a cosy atmosphere of togetherness.


With DOCK2018, the Karin und Walter Blüchert Gedächtnisstiftung realises an event from a series of its own projects focussing on the direct benefit for socially disadvantaged people and the sustainable improvement of charitable networks.


Since its foundation in November 2016, the Foundation has offered immediate, direct aid and support to individuals, but also supports institutions that provide direct aid. Because everyone matters.



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