Setting sail together

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A sailing trip forges partnerships for a good cause

Hamburg, April 2018

2 June 2018, Hamburg Nich’ lang schnacken. Anpacken! (Don’t just talk. Start Working) is an event by the Karin und Walter Blüchert Gedächtnisstiftung, which aims to strengthen direct cooperation between foundations and associations. A structured day programme awaits the participants as they sail through the area surrounding Hamburg.


The sailing ship ‘Atlantis’ brings together 25 representatives from foundations and associations from the greater Hamburg area. As they sail together along the Elbe, the participants enter into a direct, constructive dialogue with each other. In addition to an exchange, the aim is to facilitate interfaces between the respective charitable work and pave the way for successful joint projects. Interested associations now have the opportunity to take part in the Nich’ lang schnacken. Anpacken! by getting in touch with the organisers, the Karin und Walter Blüchert Gedächtnisstiftung. A total of fifty representatives plus accompanying persons from the working environment will be invited on the productive excursion.


On deck, the participants are welcomed with a breakfast buffet and submit meeting requests for the course of the day. The morning is spent chatting (Schnacken) in a relaxed atmosphere. A break is set up. A lunch fortifies the guests for the following team-building exercise, which will allow specific contact persons to find one other. Initial contacts are made. In the afternoon, the ‘Atlantis’ sets sail again and the guests can get to work (Anpacken). Now, more in-depth, partly moderated discussions can pave the way to current putting together current or future joint social projects. Those who like can take the first joint step by sealing the deal with a Hanseatic handshake.


The official part of the excursion ends when the ‘Atlantis’ docks. Afterwards, the guests are invited to end the day in a cosy evening atmosphere. With the Nich’ lang schnacken. Anpacken! initiative, the Karin und Walter Blüchert Gedächtnisstiftung would like to help create a network in the charitable working landscape.

The ’Atlantis’ is the right place for this. Built in a Hamburg shipyard in the early 20th century, the ship served as a floating beacon to ensure safe passage for shipping traffic in the Elbe estuary. As a point of orientation and guidance against shallow waters, the ship has a symbolic historical significance. This metaphor describes the idea behind the event: to start a common course that can provide reference points for further routes.


Associations that see the idea and potential behind the Nich’ lang schnacken. Anpacken! as a worthwhile one for their own project schedule, are cordially invited to get in touch with the Karin und Walter Blüchert Gedächtnisstiftung for further information about participation.



Two weeks before Nich’ lang schnacken. Anpacken!, the Karin und Walter Blüchert Gedächtnisstiftung will host the DOCK2018 – Ein Tag ohne Sorgen (A Day Without Worries) in the Hamburg Cruise Center HafenCity on 20 May 2018. By organising its own events, the Karin und Walter Blüchert Gedächtnisstiftung is expanding its focus on providing direct, immediate aid to individuals and actively participating in shaping our social environment. Anpacken offers the charitable world a networking platform that aims to strengthen individual work through cooperation. DOCK2018 gives people with a stressful day-to-day life the opportunity to ‘dock’ and receive resources for their daily lives. The event represents openness, support and togetherness. As well as contact areas for everyday needs, such as medical care, clothing, hygiene products and pet food, the event also wants to prepare its guests for a day of relaxed togetherness. Because everyone matters.



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