How you can obtain support

In general, funding is provided by means of direct grants to individuals or institutions dedicated to helping the group of people described.


If you require support and meet the criteria, you can submit an application for funding at any time. Please download and complete the documents below and send them back to our office via post.


Please bear in mind that answers to many of the questions you may have can be found under FAQ. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to get in touch with us under Contact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Selection Criteria

What if I have already submitted an application to other foundations?

Applicants are required to inform us if an identical or partially identical application has been submitted to another body. Whilst multiple submissions do not give rise to any conflicts, the official funding has to take precedence. Partial grants are also an option, provided the application submitted makes reference to this and provided the duty to notify vis-à-vis the Karin und Walter Blüchert Gedächtnisstiftung is observed throughout the process.

What is the minimum grant amount I can apply for?

We do not specify a minimum grant amount. Our grants are focused solely on providing direct assistance to people in need. All applications for funding will undergo a detailed plausibility check.

Do I need a registered residential address?

Yes. In order to provide direct assistance to people in need, we require a registered residential address and suitable bank account details so that we can review the application and, if applicable, approve it.

Application Process

How can I apply for a grant from you?

Our funding guidelines and application forms are available in the download area of our website. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch using the contact form.

Can I also complete and submit my application online?

Unfortunately, we are only able to accept and review grant applications received by post and completed in full.


I don’t know how much funding I require at the moment. Can I still apply for a grant?

You can apply for a grant at any time, provided the required documents are enclosed with your application. A grant application can be submitted at any time for the known costs. You can then submit a follow-up application for unknown costs, as soon as you know how high they are.

I am not yet of legal age. Can I still apply?

Yes. Anyone, of whatever age, can apply for a grant. However, the documents submitted have to be signed by a legal guardian to allow us to review the application.

What should the interim report/final report look like? Are there templates?

Yes. You will find the templates for the interim/final report in the download area of our website.

What is proof of appropriate use of funds?

This refers to documents that prove that the funds provided were actually used for the purpose set out in the application. These documents are usually receipts.


Guidelines for
awarding grants